Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Training

Who can benefit from Personal Training?


Will a Personal Trainer ask questions about my lifestyle?

The idea behind Personal Training is just that: personal. In order to create a program that is specifically tailored to your needs and fitness goals, your Personal Trainer will ask questions about various things, including your fitness background, potential medical issues, and yes, lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress, activity levels, habits and more.

What if I can only afford one session per week?

We completely understand that not everyone is able to spend money or two or three PT sessions per week. But even with only one weekly session you will still make progress! Because you will also get homework; tailored exercises that you can do whenever it suits you.

What can I expect from an intake or try-out session?

An intake or try-out session starts with a conversation about your fitness background, lifestyle and potential medical issues that need to be taken into account. After that we will continue with a gradual setup and a small test, during which we will look at how you’re moving and how you experience a specific load. Are there any imbalances or injuries? Together we’ll look at the best ways for you to do weight training in a safe way. After the training, we will discuss your options. You can then take your time to think about it before making a decision.

What if I have an injury?

If you have an injury, please inform your Personal Trainer about this. That way, we can adjust your program so you can still train in a safe way, without risking a longer recovery process or additional injuries. Your Personal Trainer can also help you to get back to a regular schedule after you have recovered from an injury.

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