What are the costs?

Roure Personal Training offers personalized training programs tailored to individual customers. The rates depend on the specific program and its duration. Roure Personal Training focuses on individual training sessions and also offers monthly subscriptions for consecutive sessions. we strive to provide affordable options for customers who want to achieve the best results and achieve their fitness goals. More information about rates can be found at the bottom of this page.

Flex rate

Flexible rates offer many benefits to people who want to improve their health and fitness. With these rates you get a personalized nutrition plan and access to a fitness and performance app to track your progress. In addition, the programming is based on your goals and you can decide how often you want to exercise, without any contract. Best of all, these rates are cancellable on a weekly basis, giving you complete control over your workout routine and costs. With flexible rates for personal training you can work at your own pace on a healthier and fitter version of yourself

What are the costs?​


Body Analysis

At our practice, we use advanced technologies to help our clients understand their body composition. Body composition is a way of describing what the body is made of, including fat, protein, minerals, and body water. It provides a more accurate picture of weight than BMI and can show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage.