Nutrition Advice

Profiel - Gioia

Who am I?

My name is Gioia and recently I also give nutritional advice at Roure personal training in addition to boot camp. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in health. In 2017 I graduated from the Nutrition & Dietetics in Amsterdam, then I started to specialize and I completed the post-HBO sports dietetics. Since that time I have guided various people with losing weight, gaining muscle mass or building a balanced relationship with food.
Although nutrition should actually be something simple, in reality this is often disappointing. Not only is choosing the right products a challenge in our contemporary society, other factors such as stress, social pressure and the environment also play a role. This makes it difficult to maintain a stable diet.
Give your health a boost by gaining insight into where your barriers and opportunities lie in the field of nutrition. We enter into a conversation in a low-threshold way during a walk or via zoom.

Food & Training

Have you been exercising for a while or have you just started (again)? Depending on your training, your energy needs can vary greatly. Based on your height, weight, age and activity pattern, I calculate your energy requirement that serves as a guideline in your daily life. No strict diet but a healthy diet that suits you!

Food & Mood

Do you eat less when you are stressed? Or more with sadness? Although you cannot simply ‘turn off’ these emotions, it is good to gain insight into what influences your diet. Awareness of possible ‘triggers’ can help you to deal with this differently in the future.

Food & Environment

The health of your environment also plays an important role. Are your colleagues concerned with their health? Does your partner always bring out a bag of chips in the evening? These are all important factors that influence your lifestyle. Stop being influenced by your (unhealthy) environment, but take control of yourself!

Voedingsadvies pgaina

Prices nutritional consultations​

During an extensive intake we check what your daily life looks like (e.g. job, hobbies and family life) and what role food plays there currently playing. In most cases, 3 days is requested keep a food diary
45 min30 euro
Nutritional Analysis
You are not present yourself and this takes place after the intake interview. We analyze the food diary and make a personal nutritional advice
60 min20 euro
Follow-up consultation
During a follow-up consultation we go through the nutrition plan together, we will discuss your progress or any barriers
30 min20 euro

*Please note: we do not have contracts with health insurance providers. This means that the consultations can not be claimed and need to be paid for out of pocket.

** All consultations can also be done over the phone or via Skype/Zoom/Teams.  kunnen ook telefonisch of via Skype/Zoom/Teams plaatsvinden. The same rates apply.